For brands and media advertising agencies, the importance of being able to advertise through the right channel and get maximum customer engagement cannot be stressed enough. With a 23% YoY surge in smartphone penetration across the globe, here are 5 reasons why brands should be looking at diverting their ad spend towards native advertising in mobile games:

1. A quarter of the world’s population already has access to smartphones. Among these, 4 out of 10 users play mobile games every day. Hence, every 10th person or 191 million smartphone users play mobile games every day. Moreover, 32% of the total time spent on mobile is spent playing games i.e. 32 minutes daily. Another interesting fact is that these gamers spread evenly across the age group of 15-35, as well as all socio-economic classes. Simply put, the mobile space sees 6 billion minutes of daily engagement with all audience types. Looking to engage your audience, anyone?



2. The localisation potential offered by mobile advertising is incomparable. Additionally, gaming apps offer exclusive access to other Non-PII information such as in-app purchases and interaction behavior, providing an additional layer that enables us to provide more targeted ads to the user. This way, a teenage male is much more likely to be shown an Axe deodorant ad than an Allianz Life Insurance Company ad.


3. Traditional modes of advertising in mobile games, namely non-incent banner ads and incent video ads, have now declined in response rates. Banner ads spoil mobile game experience, while most click-throughs on banner ads are accidental, leading to very poor quality conversions for the advertiser. Even incentivised ads, which ask gamers to watch video ads in return for virtual game currency, drive little conversion as most gamers ignore the mobile screen while the video is playing on the screen.


4. Since native ads are a part of the game, advertisers get longer engagement with users and, hence, users tend to subconsciously retain the brand. Statistically, in-game advertising has been found to increase purchase intent by 24%, brand recommendation by 23% and overall brand recall by 32%. [Microsoft]


5. Since GreedyGame Media is not only a platform that helps brands and agencies to advertise through the fastest penetrating medium, but also solves the publisher-advertiser issues when it comes to ensuring mutual benefit to both parties through their moderated marketplace.


Don’t just Advertise, Engage.

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